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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is PDC Bloggers?
What is a Blog?
Who can be a PDC Blogger?
In what language should I post to my Blog?
Microsoft PDC already started. Can I still submit my blog?
Do I have to move/change my blog?
What do I blog about at PDC?
What is The Daily Grind?
How do you choose posts for the main aggregated feeds?
How can I start a blog?
How can I subscribe to (monitor) the PDC Bloggers?
Can I publish the OPML directory on my website?
Can I publish the RSS feeds on my website?
Who created and runs PDC Bloggers?

What is PDC Bloggers?

We put up this site in hopes of connecting bloggers interested in Microsoft PDC and the technologies associated with the event. We thought it would be cool to have a place to connect bloggers interested in the event: whether or not they are attending the event. To make this happen, the PDC Bloggers website provides the following:

  • An OPML Directory - A directory of bloggers published in a popular format used by news aggregators. The format for the directory is based on OPML™ [?] . You can submit your blog to the directory using the Add Your Blog on the main page. The OPML Directory is the primary feature of this website. At a minimum, this will allow PDC bloggers to download the list, import and monitor each others blogs, and enjoy enhanced connectivity with each other.
  • Aggregated RSS Feeds - We will actively monitor all blogs listed in the OPML Directory and aggregate posts pertinent to the PDC to the various feeds provided on this site. We've created several topical categories for readers to monitor in addition to a Main category that will contain all aggregated posts. The categories and RSS feeds are listed on the right side of the main PDC Bloggers page. Only a portion of each post will be quoted in the main feed and then readers will be directed to your blog for commenting, linking, etc. For quoted posts, the Comments and Add Comment links will not appear below the post on this page and the PermaLink will point at the permanent link provided by your feed. There may be some other ways to direct users to your blog that we can work in as well.

What is a Blog?

Dave Winer recently created a nice breakdown of blogs (weblogs) in an article named "What makes a weblog a weblog?".

Who can be a PDC Blogger?

Anyone interested in contributing their thoughts about the Microsoft PDC or associated technologies can add their blog to PDC Bloggers. Please note: you DO NOT have to be an attendee. However, we do check the information submitted for obvious errors, appropriate language and valid urls before posting it to the list.

In what language should I post to my Blog?

Good question, one goal when we created PDC Bloggers was to not require any changes to your blog and how you post to your blog. Therefore, you can post to your blog in any language you are comfortable writing. We are sometimes able to aggregate posts written in languages other than English to the main feed by using as a language translator. Keep in mind, your blog will be viewed by people all over the world. If you have any questions, email

Microsoft PDC already started. Can I still submit my blog?

Sure. In fact, you can submit your blog anytime during or after the event. We will continue to aggregate posts for as long as people are still talking about the PDC in their blogs.

Do I have to move/change my blog?

No. In fact, we don't actually host any blogs at There are various ways to host a blog and as long as you can provide a link to your blog and a link to an RSS based news feed for your blog, we can aggregate it into the PDC Bloggers feed. We do not limit blogs to any set of service providers or software packages.

What do I blog about at PDC?

You can blog about the sessions, exhibit hall, auxiliary events or other activities, parties, and crazy things you do in the evenings. You can also photo blog if you take photographs during the event. It’s important that posts to your blog are given some context by mentioning the Microsoft PDC. Otherwise, we may not know to include that entry in the feed.

How do you choose posts for the main aggregated feeds?

Most posts that appear in your blog that relate to the Microsoft PDC or technologies discussed at the PDC will appear in the feed as long as we can determine they are in fact about the event. Mentioning the Microsoft PDC in the post will help. There are a few exceptions, for example, very short posts will probably not be picked for the main feed.

Threaded discussions between one or more blogs will only appear if the replies in the discussion add significant information to the original post. Our thought here is that we link to the original post and then the reader can use the various forward and backward links inherent to blogs to follow the conversation.

How can I start a blog?

You can start a blog by visiting one of the various blogging services or by downloading blogging software and hosting it on your own server or at your hosting provider. Refer to the setup instructions of the blogging provider for how to setup and get started with a blog. Here are a few blog services and software packages that are written on the .NET platform:

MSN Spaces
Radio UserLand
Weblogs @ Asp.Net

How can I subscribe to (monitor) the PDC Bloggers?

The individual blogs as well as the category feeds at PDC Bloggers are marked with the logo. This means you can use a news aggregator to regularly download and display the current list of posts for a particular feed. Here is a list of some popular news aggregators:

RSS Bandit

Can I publish the OPML directory on my website?

Yes. If you're super nice, you'll give credit and a link. Our thanks in advance!

Can I publish the RSS feeds on my website?

Yes. However, the RSS feeds take a lot of effort to maintain. You must give credit and a link. Use "by PDCBloggers" as the text for the link (

Who created and runs PDC Bloggers?

PDC Bloggers is operated by InDepth Technology.

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