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PDC05 Show Off Videos Posted

Michael Swanson writes "Thanks to everyone who submitted a video for our first-ever Show Off event at PDC05. We had 25 total submissions, and we had time to show 22 of them at Thursday night's 2-hour event. You can find all of the submitted videos on Channel 9 under the showoff tag. Please leave comments and feedback for each video so we know what to look for next time. Interestingly enough, because ..."

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Recent Posts

• Jan 27 Tue

How to Disable Subnet Prioritization

Jeff Guillet writes "Windows uses a scheme called "subnet prioritization" to attempt to reduce network traffic by re-ordering DNS round-robin records so that the records that are "closest" to the host are the only records used...To disable subnet prioritization on DNS servers:...To disable subnet prioritization on Windows DNS clients:"

• Jun 26 Mon

Slides and Code from Exchange .NET talk at San Diego Rock and Roll Code Camp 2006

Tim McCarthy writes "Here are the slides and here is the code for my Using Design Patterns in .NET presentation. My talk... "

• May 4 Thu

New Blog URL

Philip Richardson writes "My blog URL has now moved! Please update your links: "

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